djurgarden_kl_217_8_25mbw.jpgSkeppsholmen and Södra Djurgården. Photo: Klaus LuukkonenGrafiskt element

National City Park

The Royal National City Park is protected according to the Environmental Code (chap. 4:7). A national city park must be a unique historical landscape in an urbanized setting. It must have importance for the national cultural heritage, for the ecology of the built-up area and for people’s recreation. It is the interplay between ecological, culture historical, social and recreational values that are essential. A national city park must also be a mainly unexploited area in close proximity to a city.

Protection seeks in the long-term to prevent continuous exploitation and fragmenting of the historical landscape. The law gives the area’s collective nature and cultural resources a long-term basic protection. Over and above this, different forms of detailed regulations are required for care and maintenance and administration, but the planning of the municipal planning, decisions and state evaluations and care must have the area’s status as a national city park as its starting point.

The Royal National City Park – the area Ulriksdal–Haga–Brunnsviken–Djurgården – is the country’s first and so far only national city park.

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