Haga-ruinen2LNw.jpgHaga Ruins. Photo: Lars NybergGrafiskt element

After Gustav III

In 1792 Gustav III was shot at a masked ball and died soon after. Most of the construction work stopped and Haga Park was never finished. In the beginning of the 19th century Gustaf IV built Haga Palace. It was used periodically as a royal residence but was never lived in by the royal family. The park was, however, maintained and cared for. In 1863 the whole of Brunnsviken was lowered by 1.24 metres when the Ålkist Canal was created to improve the way into Lilla Värtan. The specially modelled waterline of the Romantic-style park with its artificial channels and islets was erased and a new park with sunken areas appeared.

Haga Park was made available to the public from an early stage and in the 19th century was already a popular venue for outings.

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