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Wood Anemone

Anemone nemorosa

After the liverleaf has flowered it is time for the wood anemone, usually when the birch tree leaves look like mouse ears. This occurs around the 1st of May in the Stockholm region. The flowers only open in the daytime: in the evening they close and droop.

Although you often hear of red and blue examples, these are very rare in the enormous slopes of wood anemones in the Royal National City Park. Motorists on Björnnäsvägen creeping along on the bypass at Uggleviken should admire these wonderful carpets of flowers which are perhaps most impressive just west of the houses at the gasworks at Husarviken.

The species name nemorosa comes from the Greek nemos (grove) and refers to the species’ preference for groves. Its relative the yellow anemone also occurs in the national city park, but is more particular about its habitat.

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