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Bird Cherry

Prunus padus

The bird cherry occurs here and there in the Royal National City Park. A large colony grows at the little marsh in the south-western corner of Husarviken. Many motorists on Björnnäsvägen have no doubt been mystified by the ghostly nets that encase the bird cherry trees along the road, caused by the bird cherry ermine moth (Yponomeuta euonymella) whose larvae spin the tree with silken netting and then eat it bare. Although the tree appears dead, it survives and soon shoots up new leaves.

The bird cherry is a common tree, or bush, in the whole country except on Öland and Gotland. It usually grows in groves and damp woods, flowering in May–June, depending on the latitude. The expression ‘mellan hägg och syren’ ( between bird cherry and lilac) refers to the most delightful period of spring. The flowers are white and strongly perfumed.


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