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Pasque Flower

Pulsatilla vulgaris

Despite the species name ‘vulgaris’, which means ‘common’, the pasque flower is rare within its range in the southern parts of the country. It used to be much more common, however, and the scientific name ‘vulgaris’ was presumably well motivated.

The pasque flower is found usually on dry slopes in the Stockholm region, occurring nowadays especially in Iron Age cemeteries. For most people the difference is not so clear between the pasque flower and, for example, the small pasque flower, the pale pasque flower and the American pasque flower.

Kvarnkullen on the southern part of the Ulriksdalsåsen ridge has long been a well-known locality for the pasque flower in the Royal National City Park. Those in the know make their way in the beginning of May to this beautiful violet blue plant around the millstones on the dry slopes. But the pasque flower needs to watch out. A large section of that mound consists nowadays of redeposited energy-rich soil from road excavations and it cannot survive in such a habitat.

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