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Coccothraustes coccothraustes

The hawfinch is a colourful finch with a large beak. It has steadily increased in number in the Mälaren region since the 1970s and the Royal National City Park is one of its major haunts in the Stockholm area. March–April is the best time to watch for hawfinches, before the trees’ leaves hide them. The observant bird watcher often identifies the bird by the sharp call coming from a chubby bird with lightly striped wings and a distinctive beak. The beech forests on the ridge of Ulriksdalsåsen west of Confidencen in Ulriksdal’s palace park are a good place to find them, but the species occurs throughout the whole area. Other good spots are the pine forests northeast of Lappkärret and in Haga Park at Vasaslätten. The bird is considered to be a master at cracking cherry stones with its strong beak, as befits its name ‘coccothraustes’, which is Greek for ‘fruit-stone cracker’.


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