HavsörnSJw.jpgPhoto: Svante Joelsson.Grafiskt element

White-Tailed Eagle

Haliaeethus albicilla

The white-tailed eagle is the Royal National City Park’s most magnificent winter bird. It is becoming more and more commonplace to see this eagle in several sites in Sweden, especially in the winter. In the royal capital, Stockholm, it is quite impressive to have almost daily a white-tailed eagle flying overhead, searching out the mass of seabirds resting in front of the palace, in the hope of a quick meal. It used to be possible to see a white-tailed eagle only when the ice lay thickest, but in recent years an old pair of eagles have created a regular haunt in the trees on the island of Libertas in the Fjäderholm islands and can sometimes be seen in the spring and autumn hunting cormorants. The white-tailed eagle’s recovery from being an endangered species is one of the greatest successes in Swedish nature and fauna conservation. This shows there is always hope for reversing a downward trend. The white-tailed eagle has the widest wingspan of Swedish birds – approximately 2.5 m. Look up during your strolls in Djurgården – it flies overhead daily during the winter!



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