DuvhökSJw.jpgPhoto: Svante Joelsson.Grafiskt element


Accipiter gentilis

The goshawk is the park’s most prominent hunter and its expeditions from the area’s dense pine forests are vigilantly followed by screeching crows. No other bird creates such a commotion in the bird-world as a hunting goshawk. As soon as the hawk circles over Östermalm, all the gulls on Stockholm’s Strömmen take to the air. The hunting circuit for the hawks from Lill-Jans forest usually includes Gärdet, with a short stop in Humlegården, up into the air for an overview, then a sweep over Strömmen, especially in the winter. The goshawk catches its prey both on the ground, in water and in the air. It is a successful hunter in Stockholm and often nests near built-up areas. About four or five pairs breed in the Royal National City Park. They are quiet when nesting, but in March they cackle wildly and the uneven-sized pairs can sometimes be seen doing acrobatics in the air above their territories. The female is considerably larger than the male, with the result that even experienced ornithologists often mistake the small male for a female sparrow-hawk.



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