Rävungar diarHEw.jpgPhoto: Henrik Ekman.Grafiskt element


Vulpes vulpes

The fox is perhaps the most elegant of the Royal National City Park’s predators. It eats mainly voles and mice but can also take worms, hares, young roe-deer and birds. The fox is a nocturnal animal, hunting usually in the dark hours. It is to be found all year round in the park and does not hibernate. The fox takes readily to the water and gladly catches frogs as well as the occasional duckling in the wetlands of Lillsjön on Norrra Djurgården. The park’s foxes may be successful hunters but the dogs that run free catch even more prey. The greatest chance to meet a fox is in the early morning near its territory, for example at Manilla on Södra Djurgården or Stora Skuggan on Norra Djurgården.


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