MinkPhoto: Ulf AntonssonGrafiskt element

American Mink

Mustela vison

The mink is a marten, slightly reminiscent of the otter but smaller and with a dark brown coat. It was introduced to Sweden in the 1920s for furriers. Some animals escaped and some were released, which led to the formation of wild colonies. The mink is now common over the whole country, especially along rivers, watercourses and along the coast. The Swedish countryside suits this North American immigrant. The increase in mink coincides with the decrease of its main competitor the otter.

The mink is an omnivore that can adapt to whatever is on offer – small rodents, birds, fish, crayfish, to name some delicacies. The mink often is very cruel to the seabird population, and in Isbladskärret a mink attack caused a whole black-headed gull colony to abandon the location. One of the mink’s favourite places in the park is Djurgårdsbrunn Canal and Hundudden, just north of the canal estuary into the Saltsjön sea.


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