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In Sweden there are 13 different species of amphibians: eleven species of frog and toad and two species of newt. Five of these 13 species occur in the Royal National City Park: the smooth newt, the great crested newt, the common frog, the common toad and the moor frog (see picture).

In a recent survey it was established that more than half of the amphibian spawning sites in Stockholm municipality have disappeared through road building, excavating and dumping of earth and rubble. The WWF project EcoWater and the Stockholm city water programme have resulted in some restoration of suitable habitats for amphibians in recent years.

The smooth newt is to be found in several places in the national city park, but the great crested newt is less common. The newt favours small ponds such as the Japanese pond in the Bergian Garden.

The first amphibian that visitors are most likely to meet in the Royal National City Park is the common frog.

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