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Common (European) Brown Hare

Lepus europeaus

The common brown hare was introduced into Sweden at the end of the 19th century. Nowadays it occurs in agricultural areas from Skåne to southern Norrland. It can also be found together with the mountain hare in areas bordering on larger forests. The common brown hare is slowly but surely taking over from the mountain hare which has greatly decreased during the 20th century and has not been seen in the Royal National City Park for a long while. The common brown hare has a reddish brown coat all year round while the mountain hare changes from grey-brown to white in the winter. The common brown hare often feeds in open grassy fields but also likes buds and bark, especially of young trees. This has necessitated the erection of protective fencing around newly planted oak saplings in Norra Djurgården. The common brown hare is often seen in built-up areas in Stockholm, sometimes in company with feral rabbits.


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