Ekorre i ek DjurgrdenHEw.jpgPhoto: Henrik Ekman.Grafiskt element

Red Squirrel

Sciurus vulgaris

For many people, the squirrel is the cutest of animals in the national city park. Its two large protruding front teeth show that it is clearly a rodent. The squirrel builds a round nest or drey usually in spruce trees or hollow trunks where it overnights and where its young are born. Its most important food is flower buds and seeds, especially spruce seeds, but it also eats acorns, beechnuts, hazelnuts, mushrooms and birds’ eggs. There is plenty of food for the squirrel in the park, but it is rather uncommon. Those who really want to see a squirrel should visit Skansen where there are tame individuals running freely among the trees.


Skriv ut

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