Universitet-Helldén1LNw.jpgStockholm University. Photo: Lars NybergGrafiskt element

Learning and education

Since the early 19th century, parts of the Royal National City Park have developed strong associations with learning and research through the many institutes and museums which have been located there. The academic emphasis is mainly in Norra Djurgården while the museums are concentrated in Södra Djurgården, Djurgårdsbrunnsviken and Skeppsholmen.

In recent centuries the area along Roslagsvägen has undergone a total transformation. Country pastures and cultivated fields have been replaced by an extensive park landscape dominated by academic institutes and their building complexes in various architectural styles. The successful retention of the rural ambiance and the sympathetic design of the buildings mean that a visit to this area is well worthwhile, even if you are not a student.

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