1897w.jpgThe Stockholm Exhibition in 1897. Anna Palm de Rosa. Stockholm City Museum.Grafiskt element

The Great Exhibitions

Three great exhibitions have been held on Djurgården. The Public Art and Industry Exhibition of 1897 on South Djurgården presented Sweden as a modern industrial country. This event launched Stockholm’s development into a truly major city.
In 1909, a smaller exhibition was held in Frisens Park showing mainly industrial art and handicrafts.

The great Stockholm Exhibition of 1930, a manifestation of Functionalism, took place in the present National Maritime Museum.

There are very few traces of these exhibitions left in the park. There is, however, the occasional building, such as Skånska Gruvan on Rosendalsvägen – the industrial firm Skånska’s booth from the 1897 industrial exhibition– which today houses a café and Skansen’s boutique dedicated to building preservation.

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