Brunnsviken-vyBellevueLNw.jpgBrunnsviken. Photo: Lars Nyberg.Grafiskt element


Gustav III was responsible for extending the royal lands to include the environs of Brunnsviken. Gustav III, with his favourites and architects, not least the landscape architect Fredrik Magnus Piper, greatly changed the area lining the water at Brunnsviken and its surroundings.

The Age of Enlightenment of the 18th century had introduced a longing for the purity and freedom of Nature and the simple country life. One popular exponent was the philosopher and author Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his thesis that Nature should be the basis of man’s education. This infatuation with Nature was a reaction to the religious and political autocracy and cultural affectations of the 17th century.

During the 1780s three large parks were created around Brunnsviken in the new style of the period – English landscape parks. All still remain relatively untouched: Bellevue in the south, Haga in the west and Tivoli in the north. Haga Park is one of Europe’s best preserved parks in the English landscape style.

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