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Who does what?

The central Government and the municipalities of Lidingö, Solna and Stockholm, and the park’s administrators and landowners have shared responsibility for the care of the Royal National City Park and for its renewal. The park contains many important institutions such as its museums and Stockholm University. Their activities together with those of various societies and tourist agencies imbue the area with vibrant life.

Most of the Royal National City Park is owned by the central Government through the National Property Board (SFV). Stockholm city owns the eastern side of Ladugårdsgärdet with Kaknäs and the area around Bellevue. The northern extremity of Sörentorp has been owned by the real estate firm, Niam, since 2008. Other privately owned land is to be found mainly in the built-up area of Gärdesstaden in and around the former Roslagstull Hospital.

For the last two hundred years, approximately 80% of the land in the park has been cared for by the Royal Djurgården Administration (KDF) which is controlled for the king by the office of the Governor of the Royal Palaces. Some land is maintained by the municipalities, the land and property within the university campus at Frescati is looked after by the state-run firm Akademiska Hus, while the National Property Board (SFV) has charge of the palaces and other state-owned properties of high cultural value. The park also contains a number of buildings in private ownership.

Besides land maintenance, the municipalities are also responsible for the park in their physical planning. In their comprehensive planning they must abide by the comprehensive plan guidelines for how the land and water are to be used. More specific regulations for land and buildings are provided for their detailed planning and in area regulations.

The County Administrative Board has a directive from the government to coordinate the care and renewal of the park and to strive to protect the park’s interest in an overall perspective. 

To coordinate the management and development of the Royal National City Park there is an advisory committee, chaired by the County Administrative Board of Stockholm with Governor Per Unkel. The members are representing public authorities at national and local levels, managers and non profit organisations dealing with the park.


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