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What is a National City Park?

A National City Park must include a unique historical landscape of importance for the national cultural heritage and for the ecology of a built-up area, and be suitable for people’s recreation. Unlike other national parks and many nature reserves it is required to be situated in an urban environment, that is, in a built-up area. The directives in Chapter 4, Section 7 of the Environmental Code protect a national city park against ongoing exploitation. However, various forms of detailed regulations are also necessary for its care and maintenance. For example, within the Royal National City Park there are several listed buildings, two nature reserves, and a bird sanctuary. Most of the buildings and the built-up area are governed by municipal legislation and planning laws which guarantee that the buildings will not be changed in any way that affects their cultural historical value. Care and maintenance is required for the nature reserves and certain buildings such as the palaces.

The Ulriksdal–Haga–Djurgården–Brunnsviken area – the Royal National City Park– is the only National City Park in the country so far.

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